towns & villages

St Olof
A little town of St Olof is known since medieval times.     The name comes from Olaf II of Norway, one of those rare Scandinavian saints. MORE

strand2 Kivik
Kivik is all about gentle hills, apple orchards and gardens, while facing the Baltic sea and long sandy beaches, and just a mile south, a national park Stenshuvud.. MORE 

DSC 0820 Vitaby
Overlooking the Baltic sea and those endless sandy beaches with wonderful countryside and national parks, Vitaby is just on the right spot for any wanderer about Österlen. MORE 
Smedstorp market
Smedstorp is in the middle of Österlen. Lots of shops, artists and galleries, gardens and restaurants. Nature and archeological sites all around the village. MORE 

soldat Tomelilla
Tomelilla is a modern town and municipality center in Österlen. It is near to everyone who lives in the region.  A good starting point for anybody who visits Österlen. MORE

oldtownhouse Simrishamn
Simrishamn is a picturesque medieval port and a municipality on the eastern shores of Österlen. Full of entertaining events and cultural heritage. All around, natural parks and sandy beaches. MORE

marina Skillinge
Skillinge is a charming fisherman village in the East of Österlen. The tradition of fishing here goes long into the past. Most beautiful sandy beaches.  MORE 

church Borrby
People in Borrby like to say that they live in the heart of Österlen. While only a few miles from the sea, Borrby is near to all of the charming Österlen´s countryside. And in case you happen to be a book lover, Borrby is just perfect!  MORE 

port7 Kåseberga
In medieval times, charming and picturesque Kåseberga was an important fisherman village. It is very near to  Ales Stenar, one of the most famous archeological sites in Sweden. MORE

nilssons Hammenhög

Hammenhög is very lively with its cultural events and its own busy street. The sea and beautiful sandy beaches are just about minutes away, and so are many other attractions in around Österlen. MORE 

1 Gärsnas
In 1880 there were only two houses and a small farm. In 1882, Simrishamn - Tomelilla railway was opened. Since then, Gärsnas developed in many ways. MORE

tranas1 towns&villages: Skåne -Tranås

Skåne - Tranås has been inhabited since 700's DC. Early in the medieval times, Tranås became an important crossroad and the meeting place. MORE