`Ö´ Shopping&fun / Antique Shops in Österlen

For the lovers of antique shops, here we bring some interesting ones, and from different towns or villages around the Österlen region.

ceder Shopping & Antique
Cederqvist "Antik & Vin" 
Recycling, environmental thinking, and beautiful things are obvious things for Cederqvist Antik & Vin. A new antique shop near Hannas we warmly recommend!  web


NEW! Mrs Walker Gårdlösa

 A new and charming antique shop, with items like elegant gifts for summer festivities. At Gårdlösa near Smedstorp. web / map 


Old Stuff Ystad

Old Stuff is a fine shop of new, old and converted things for your interior design. Lots of original and high-style solutions. Easy to find on the main street in Ystad. web / map



Antikt i Tommarp Tommarp

Antique shop in Tommarp, full of nice and unique items. Warmly recommended for all the lovers of antique. web / map 


Tribos Antik  Brösarp

Tribos Antik & Inredning is a known antique shop in Brösarp.  web  /  map



Norrvalla Smedstorp

Norrvalla in Smedstorp is a shop of antiques and retro interiors and retro motorcycles and much more retro stuff. web  /  map 



Borg Design Tryde

In Tryde, we found a very particular 20th century modern antiques shop Borg Design. Fine items from the last century, exposed in a spacious farm house.  web  /  map 

logga 2014 Gorm Antik Dälperöd

A traditional big - farm building of Österlen, now a huge shop of antique items and building elements. map / web 

hylke21 Hylkegården Brantevik
Hylkegården was one of the first big farms or gård´s of Österlen transformed into a shop with a café. A trend that many others followed later on, and that became sort of a trade-mark of the whole region.   web  /  map



Trampes Brantevik

In the old captain's house at the edge of the charming Brantevik, there is a fine antique shop and a nice brasserie serving aperitivo and snacks.   web  /  map


DSC 0902

Billo Olovsdal

Billo in Olovsdal is a farm turned into antique furniture and restauration workshop, with a gallery, and also a B&B.    web  /  map  

follow us while we bring more antique shops around Österlen