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Karl Fredrik på Eklaholm

One of the "must visit" places around Österlen is certainly a garden house and interior design shop driven by renowned florist Karl Fredrik. more

ciklid8 Shopping & fun / Ciklidshopen in Tomelilla
Ciklidshopen is a natural aquarium store filled with vibrant aquatic plants, a unique selection of healthy tropical fish and all the possible gadgets about it! MORE

hylke1 `Ö´ shopping / Interesting Shops in Österlen
There are many interesting shops around Osterlen, each with its own character and diverse offer in a display. Here we suggest some interesting shops worth of visiting. MORE  

`Ö´ Shopping&fun / Antique Shops in Österlen

For the lovers of antique shops, Östrelen has a lot to offer. Here we bring some, and from different towns or villages around the Österlen region. MORE

`Ö´ shopping&fun / Art Shops
One of the best things to do while in Österlen is to take a tour of interesting art shops around the region. There are plenty of them, especially during the summer season, and we found quite a few with some very unique and fine things at display. MORE

smislopis1 shopping&fun
Loppis - Flea Markets and Shops
Österlen is famous for its many "loppis" or flea markets. While building a list of loppis places, here we bring some interesting suggestions for all of treasury hunters and flea market lovers. MORE

At Mood shop in Simrishamn, we discovered some fine solutions for interior design and gifts, and a gallery of nice products from distant countries. MORE
In the very center of Skåne - Tranås we found Längornaa particularly interesting fashion shop for ladies. MORE

Shopping & Pets: Pet Shops around Österlen

If you travel with your pets, it is easy in Österlen. There are many shops for your buddies all around the region. Here we recommend some.MORE

barnens1 shopping / Barnens Bokhandel 
The Barnens Bokhandel store on the main street in Simrishamn offers lots of new books, puzzles, and a variety of other things related to children and literature. MORE
All around Österlen there are places with unique gastronomy delicacies, suitable for a nice present or seasional home groceries. Here we bring few suggestions. MORE 

DSC 0762 shopping / Nisse´s Clothing in St. Olof
In the center of St.Olof we found a little but very nice shop of clothes, Nisses Beklädnads. Original quality clothes, especially for lovers of nature and walking, plus various gadgets are in offer. MORE

first shopping / Stjärnhuset in Kivik
Stjärnhuset or the Starhouse in Kivik. A transit of Mercury accros the sun, and everybody was welcome to witness this rare astronomical event with a help of many good advices and equipment. MORE 
Leif Handlare or Leif´s shop is a retro-style general store and a grocery shop in Smedstorp. Owned and managed by the Andersson family, now for four generations. MORE    
Ornamental doors and pillars from India, Chinese jars, Burmese lacquerware, kimonos from Japan, furniture, textiles, bronzes, art and a myriad of other items from the Far East.. MORE

kunder shopping / Smakbruket
 Matbruket wants to spread the word about food quality and food culture in Sweden. Quality means the kind of production with respect for nature.MORE 

3 shopping / Lundins Lada

Loppis is the popular name in Sweden for a flee-market or a second-hand shop. And if you like loppis, Lundins Lada is the must! MORE


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