right `Ö´ nature / Beaches of Österlen

One can say that the whole coast of Österlen is just one long beach. Here, there are more than 50 kilometres of most popular sandy beaches of Sweden. MORE

2 nature  /  Listarumsåsen 

Listarumsåsen is a nature park on the ouskirts of Smedstorp, and a home to all sorts of southern Sweden wild trees. Ideal for walking. MORE 

stens nature / Stenshuvud

Stenshuvud is a national park spreading on 390 hectares. An ancient forest with a stone mountain,  just a mile south from Kivik. According to legend, the mountain got its name from the stone giant. MORE

suncana nature / Haväng

Haväng is an amazing nature reserve that stretches east of Brosärp to the Baltic sea and beautiful sandy beaches on the eastern coast of Österlen. It follows the last parts of Verkåen river in its voyage to the sea. MORE  

StallTorparebron 1 nature / Amazing Nature of Brösarp
Rolling hills with wonderful views, picturesque waterfalls and bubbling cold springs, deep forests and wildlife, colorful pastures, beautiful sandy beaches. When it comes to nature, Brösarp is a real pearl of Österlen. . MORE 
In nature, there are so many types of mushrooms. Some are edible and some  are extremely toxic. But, most of the mushroom is not yet known. It is estimated that there are about 1.5 million species of fungi, but only about 5% or 70000 are known to science. MORE 

Once forgotten, Kivik´s Arboretum shines today in its beauty and natural richness.There are trees from all over the world, many species with different variations, and they all seem to have it really nice. MORE 

1 nature / Ystad´s ZOO

Ystad Djurpark or Ystad´s ZOO is a place where animals walk free and in harmony with nature. MORE


Hammars Bäckar are the hilly slopes overlooking the sea and Österlen, a beautiful stratch of nature from Ystad to Kåseberga with amazing Ales Stenar at its end. MORE
Österlen has many miles of the most charming coast. Here we bring a little gallery of images from different places on the Coast of Österlen. MORE

stenshuvud2  photo gallery / Stenshuvud National Park
Stenshuvud is a national park and an ancient forest, spreading for 390 hectares, just south from Kivik. Here we bring a gallery of images from Stenshuvud. MORE