Nisse Nillson´s Autoseum 

photo & text:
One of the most interesting places in Österlen is certainly the Nisse Nilsson´ Autoseum. 



It is one of the finest collections of cars and motorbikes in Europe, with the oldest vehicles dating even before the 20th century.




In total exhibition includes some 120 cars, 80 motorcycles and mopeds and two aircraft.




In the Museum there are also separate exhibitions on the Swedish Automobile Sports and a racing legend Stefan "Lill-Lövis" Johansson, plus model airplane museum with collector models.




All history periods in car & moto industry are presented in Nisse Nilsson's Automuseum, starting from an example of Danish "Automobilfabrik Voiturette" from 1898 or Franch motorcycle "La Parisienne" from 1908, (on the photo).




Lot´s of custom-made vehicles and curiosity pieces, such as Zsa Zsa Gabor`s Rolls Royce Silver from 1967. 




Racing cars are making a good part of the exhibition, and in the collection, there are pieces who once were the fastest cars in the world!




It is impossible to present such a huge collection in one article, and since photos sometimes can say much more than words, we prepared a little gallery of photos we made at Nisse Nilsson´s Autoseum. 



 Yet another museum is included in this space, and that is Frasses & Mariannes Musikmuseum.

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