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Looking for some fresh fish? A place for you is a Brantevik Fisk. Driven by fisherman self, bringing the fish directly from the sea, Brantevik fisk is the most popular place for fish lovers.
Or, as Leif, a fisherman, and owner of the place say "If you want a really fresh fish, where else you will find it if not at the fisherman's place?"
Here you can buy or order the herring, salmon, shellfish or whatever you wish to take home. Or try some of their snacks while enjoying outside in the Brantevik´s little charming port.
Brantevik fisk is a part of Hemmahamnen organization, that wants to support the coastal fishing and contribute to living coastal communities, issues that our fishermen are passionate about. 
Hemmahamnen is also warning against the import of the frozen fish, often sold in the big malls as fresh.
Both for the quality and environmental issues that such market brings, Hemmahamnen works to bring back the traditional way of harvesting and selling the fish products. 
Come and support Hemmahamnen in Brantevik and buy freshly caught fish coming directly from the sea, fresher you will not find!
 Brantevik fisk is open every day from 10 to 17
from 10 to 15 on weekends
you can even order fish calling 0735 460851
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