stens nature / Magic Forest of Stenshuvud in Kivik
Stenshuvud is a national park spreading on 390 hectares. An ancient forest with a stone mountain, just a mile south from Kivik. 

barnbarn According to a legend, the mountain got its name from the stone giant Stenhogubben who lived in the cave on the mountain's steep north side. A number of folk tales are linked to the giant's activities done in the area. There are other legends about this forest, like the one of a big dragon and the hidden treasure.

woods2 Indeed, while walking inside the Stenshuvud forest, one expects some troll or some other magic creature to show up in any moment. On the mountain top, there are some remains of an ancient castle from 400 AC.
There are various tops of the mountain, from which a good part of the east coast of Österlen can be admired. For the most part, the park consists of hardwood, especially hornbeam, and beech.
steep up
In springtime, beech wood gets full of large amounts of white and yellow anemones. In the southern part, there is open moorland with sparse stands of junipers.Stenshuvud national park has a particularly rich bird life, full of sounds to enjoy in the season, the singing of the nightingale, for example.
Stenshuvud national park has a number of protected animals, species that are unusual to find in today´s Sweden. 
On its shores, lays a long and popular beach, one of the most beautiful in the south of Sweden.
Inside the park, there is a nature center. There you can find information about Stenshuvud´s geology, flora, fauna and cultural history. Stenshuvud is open for public without charge. 
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