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Madame Blå is a café and french bistro settled in a charming old house just a few steps from   Skåne - Tranås town square.
What makes Madame Blå particular and different from other places in Österlen is that here you can find some really nice French inspired specialities. 
Everything you find at Madame Blå is homemade with seasonal ingredients and locally grown, carefuly chosen by the french chef and owner, Sebastien Lanfranchi. 
In Madame Blå´s wood-fired oven, Sebastien is preparing fine delicacies, like tartiflettes, tartes flambées or a Corsican version of pizza. 
There is also a nice choice of sweets and pastry, and we recommend trying Madame Blå´s home made jogurt. 
You can enjoy your meal inside the cozy and charming Madame Blå bistro, or in the peaceful outside garden during the summer season.
Sebastian is also a jazz musician, and at Madame Blå they often play some live music. Here you can find a program of concerts for the season 2017.
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