NEW! Mrs Walker Gårdlösa

At Gårdlösa near Smedstorp, we found a brand new antique shop, with many elegant gifts for summer festivities.


Two sisters with great taste and the eye for the antique, Cecilia and Meta Pusch, run this charming shop, with the special accent on fine items from Belle Epoque and Art Nouveau.
walker11 "We love the time around the turn of the century 1900. Then the objects were richly decorated and had a nice design language and beautiful ornamentation," says Cecilia, while showing us a fine lady dress from the period.
The store is full of unique and beautiful things. One can see that everything is chosen carefully, that every item has had a history before it came here. 
walker10 "We clean and restore most things like furniture, paintings, textiles, and porcelain to a pristine condition. The things we sell have a long life to live - we call that sustainability," says Mete Pusch, not without some pride. 
Indeed, almost all the items in this shop are still usable, and they will be for a long time more, items that are not only practical but also elegant and beautiful.  
walker5 If you are looking for some unique gift or interior design for your home, or, why not, some fine items for your summer festivities, Mrs Walker Antik & Design is a place for you! 
walker8 The shop is located in Gårdlösa, outside Smedstorp and in the middle of nature, where antiquity and life meet in harmony with a comfortable and inspiring environment.