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Loppis is the popular name in Sweden for a flee-market or a second-hand shop. And Österlen is the most popular region in Sweden for loppis.



In Österlen, there are loppis places everyhwere, no matter the season. It can be a on market day, but it can also be a place specialised as flee-market. 



Often, people in Österlen put the sign "loppis" in front of their houses, and sell whatever they find in their cellars. One of the most known loppis places in Österlen is certainly the Lundins Lada. It is an old farm turned into a permanent flee-market, and it is open every saturday, all year around.




At Lundins Lada you can find almoust everything that is second-hand and for amazingly low prices too. We noticed that many things are not even used at all.




Here you can find ceramics, lamps, glass, books, Lp´s and CD´s, different electronics, tools, clothes and even furnitures. It is hard not to find what you search for. 




It is great fun to spend a saturday morning at Lundins Lada, surely everybody can found something here for just a few bucks. If you like flee-markets, Lundins Lada is the must!




Lundins Ladda is settled near Gärsnas, on the main road, just a few miles from Simrishamn. You cannot miss the sign.



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