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 Love for camera and painting mixed with a strong passion for speed and racing, from the very start,  marks Per-Otto Eriksson´s approach to life.
In the early 60´s he  made awarded experimental movies with Madeleine Pyk, Bengt af Klintberg and Carl Fredrik Reuterswärd. A few years later he got a job as an assistant cameraman at Sandrew film company in Stockholm.
All that time, PeO was also an active racing pilot, participating in ever more popular sport car races. And he never had any problem to combine those interests. "I had a Leica in the toolbox, and sometimes I drove only half the race to catch-shoot the winner. However racing drain on the already scant economy. Blew an engine, went ten thousand on a weekend." 
In the end, he decided to stop driving himself. In that way he would be able to take better pictures, better paid and additionally get free entry to the really big events.
 Being so near to the top racing world had also its dark side. When he made the portrait of Joakim Bonnier, nobody expected the soon tragic end of this racing hero.
A few years later, when even Ronnie Pettersson ran himself to death, PeO went back home to Sweden. It was no fun anymore. Now he would restart in Stockholm. 

painting The old cinema Ritz beside Odenplan was vacant, so PeO rented it for his atelier. PeO worked with different light beams produced shadows and highlights so successful that a Photo-Journal named him "master of light". 


 1988 bought Peo Eriksson his farm in Österlen. In Listerum, near Smedstorp. The landscape seems to have immediately caught his painter spirit. The orange sunsets!  All the cows. Hills. The fields... 
PeO's photos have been shown in many galleries.  The Ystad Art Museum had an exhibition of 100 pieces of his photos. He has also been shown at the Gallery of Prince Albert of Monaco.
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