paragliding2 photo gallery / The Coast of Österlen

Österlen spreads on the most south-east part of Sweden. Here we bring a little gallery of some images from its long and beautiful coast. more

140x211 images Simrishamn stnicholas outside1 history / St. Nicholas Church in Simrishamn
St Nicholas Church (Sankt Nicolai kyrka) in Simrishamn is mentioned for the first time in 1161. Originally a chapel it has expanded through times. The tower was added in the 15th century, and the delicately carved pulpit dates from 1626. MORE

spiken1 shopping & history/ Spiken i kistan


The passionate collector Emil Ibjer started with Spiken i kistan (The Nail in the Coffin) 18 years ago in Lövestad. Here, the atmosphere is like the time stops and one gets pleasantly overwhelmed with numerous items from the near or distant history. MORE


gusto5 Gastro / Pizzeria Gusto

Haven´t you heard yet? In the very center of Ystad, just behind the corner of the main city square, there is a family driven, original Sicilian pizzeria. more

Karl FredrikpaEklaholmr.o.k 35

gardening with style/

Karl Fredrik på Eklaholm

One of the "must visit" places around Österlen is certainly a garden house and interior design shop driven by renowned florist Karl Fredrik. more

kipp3 sport&fun Standard Highwheels

"Six years ago I had a chance to ride the high wheeler, and it became a great passion immediately." Per-Olof Kippel, architect, and entrepreneur from Österlen. more

Österlen Museums A complete guide!  MORE