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pall 3 special / Konstrundan 2018

text&photos: aboutosterlen.com
It is Easter, and it is time for Konstrundan, the most popular "Art Tour" of Österlen. From Friday the 30th of March, there is the 50th version of Konstrundan with not less than 97 exhibiting artists!
Already in 1968, members of The Artist Association of Österlen, ÖSKG, started with this great event.The idea was cleverly simple. Hundreds of artists, all at the same time, all over Österlen, open their ateliers and galleries for visitors. 
Konstrundan is a wonderful opportunity to check on some good art, but also to meet many artists and see where and how they work. Konstrundan goes on for 10 days, up to the 10th, so many artists can be visited. MORE

seventeen history&fun / 
Nisse Nillson´s Autoseum One of the most interesting places in Österlen is certainly the Nisse Nilsson´s Autoseum. It is one of the finest collections in Europe, the oldest vehicles dating from the 19th century. more 
Next week we are going to visit a very interesting shop in Tomelilla, a little but rich aquatic pet shop with a real aquarium feeling - Ciklidshopen.
IMG 0253 restaurants&café / 

Enjoy a gourmet meal at the family managed Smedjans Mat & Logi in the old smithy in Östra Ingelstad. Baked bread, every day´s menu and vegetarian alternatives, all year round! MORE

Österlen Museums 
 A complete guide to all of the museums in the region. MORE

pall 3 Österlen Artists&Galleries

Österlen is famous as an artistic region and there are just so many galleries and artists worth of visiting. Here we bring some suggestions. more
Everybody says that Falaafilo in Ystad has the best and the tastiest falafel in all of Österlen. You can find Falaafilo at the Österportstorget, open Monday to Friday. map

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eat&fun: Best Gatukök´s in Österlen

Gatuköks are often to be found near to crossroads and squares of Österlen, as places where hungry travelers can have a break and a warm meal. Gatukök, meaning a street-kitchen, is a Swedish fusion of a snack bar mixed with a fast food. more

hylke14 shop&fun /Österlen Gårdsbutiks
The word "gårdsbutik" means a farm with a shop, and since there was always a lot of farms around Österlen, there are also many different gårdsbutiks. MORE